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While perched upon my Nonna's kitchen counter; I eagerly watched as she fried her hand-rolled meatballs, stirred the salsa, and arranged the pasta for Sunday dinner. I knew at a young age that one can evoke emotions through food. I wanted that skill!

My next epiphany came while attending culinary school; my first nutrition lab opened my eyes to the addition of subtle flavors in new and innovative way. I pursued culinary nutrition with the intent to blend the worlds of culinary arts and dietetics!

I honed my culinary skills under Chef Rocco Sacramone of Trattoria L'incontro in Astoria, NY and at B&B Ristorate by Mario Batali in Las Vegas, NV. With several years of fine dining experience, I have the knowledge and expertise to teach you the simple skills to create flavorful, restaurant quality, dishes in your home. 

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I have experience providing nutrition counseling in hospitals, as well as in the community setting. I've worked with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension developing disease-specific culinary nutrition classes for the Las Vegas community. 

Creating nutritious meals while being able to evoke emotions, and great memories through food are essential to blending the two worlds of culinary and dietetics! At Wellness Cucina we believe in creating a lifestyle that embraces good food, good health, and smart choices that work best for your body and your life!   

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​​Chef Celestina Brunetti RDN, LD


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